Core works with a variety of volunteer and travel organizations that carry out programs all over the world. From community service to student exchange programs to cultural travel to Cuba, multinational travelers from any country can go to almost any country on programs run by our client organizations. We can even offer coverage for participants domiciled in other countries that come to the U.S. on programs such as au pere, youth workers, etc.

Core's 25 years of experience in offering risk management consulting services to volunteer based and non-profit organizations with international programs gives our clients the added advantage of being able to offer them our knowledge and experience as they develop protocols and risk management policies to address their unique needs as they grow and enter new markets. 

Our innovative approach to travel medical insurance has led Core to develop an insurance model in this marlet that is so unique, Core was issued a U.S. patent in Dec. 2013 ( Patenet No.         ). No other U.S. based insurance company can offer this product. 

welcome                     Core Brings Choice to Travel Medical Insurance

Core Travel Insurance provides travel medical insurance for groups traveling overseas. The Core model offers organizations a unique approach to solving their travel insurance needs by combining the advantages of a group plan, with standardized benefits and competitive pricing, while offering covered individuals the opportunity to customize and pay for their upgraded benefits and limits on their own to suit their individual needs. 

For Individuals, Core offers:

Dedicated organizational web site for:

  • insurance information and FAQ's
  • ​print your medical id card
  • download claim forms
  • view your trip details
  • ​editing ypur Profile information


Customizable benefit / limits upgrade options:

  • higher medical benefit limits​​
  • trip extension coverage for personal travel
  • personal property/baggage coverage
  • higher trip cancellation limits
  • Convenient payment options
  • Customer service via e-mail or phone

For Organizations, Core offers:

  • a better travel medical insurance alternative
  • the only customizable​ ​and extendable Group travel medical insurance for multinational volunteers and travelers
  • Four comprehensive Group benefit packages available designed specificially for the unique needs of  international volunteers and travelers
  • Competitive Group rates
  • ​Born out of 25 years of risk management consulting for volunteer travel
  • U.S. patented Group / Individual Plan model
  • ​Covered by Core Travel Assistance, a worldwide 24/7 emergency assistance service
  • Risk management assessment and advice