Individual Plans:


  • individual customization​ posssible
  • participants can buy their own plan
  • ​less internal administration


  • higher rates
  • ​liablity risk in having different benefits for participants on similar programs
  • more complexity for internal administration
  • different claims administrators

Group Plans:


  • standardized benefits for all participants
  • competitive group rates
  • ​easier to administer internally
  • one claims administrator


  • one size fits all approach
  • participants may want more / less benefits
  • premium group plans are expensive

The Tradeoff for Travel Medical Insurance

specialty insurance
health insurance
property insurance
life insurance

Satisfied participants covered under a coomprehensive Group plan

with customized upgrades that they pay for themselves,

saving the organization money. 

​A participant is automatically covered under the selected Group plan. ​If they are satisfied with its benefits, they need do nothing else. If they wish to upgrade specific benefits or limits, they log into the Core web site designed for their organization. There, they can:

  • print their id card
  • get insurance information, FAQ's, trip details, claim forms
  • select and pay for specific upgrades such as higher medical limits, personal property/baggage coverage, higher trip cancellation limits and trip extension coverage.

The results:

​An organization selects a Group Plan - Core. Silver, Gold or Diamond

It receives:

  • competitive group rates
  • comprehensive & standardized benefits designed for the traveler to far away places
  • ​dedicated web site for participants
  • ​assistance manual for risk management protocols
  • 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance
  • FAQ's for participants

Here's how it works:

That's what Core did and was issued a U.S. patent  !

Why Not Combine the Two ?